Jul 062012

Since the weblog now runs on the Synology, I decided to switch of the server until I need something of the disks it has. A normal shutdown, and then….






I love the Synology.

Jul 062012

The Synology has a WordPress module, which works great and it is a recent version (not the latest). But you are bound to having your weblog in the folder “/wordpress”, and my weblog resides in “/blog” for ages now. I couldn’t find how to change it by modifying PHP files, wp_options entries and just renaming the folder. So….


# mkdir blog

# cd blog

# unzip /tmp/wordpress-3.4.1.zip

# mv wordpress/* ./

# rmdir wordpress


And point your browser to the URL “synology-ip-adres/blog” and do the install.


I used the database credentials created by the Synology WordPress module, and vanilla-WordPress then says: Hey, already installed. Via the Admin panel you upgrade your database, and you’re good to go. Now disable the Synology WordPress module.  I haven’t uninstalled it, since I don’t know whether it will actually delete the database too.

Jul 062012

I bought a Synology DS212j to be the replacement of the server. Great machine for very little money, but the transition is not as smooth as I hoped. My mail (domain switchbl8.nl) now runs via the Synology, not via this server anymore. Next is this blog, then the gallery. And the rest is just for fun, so to hell with it 😉