Dec 302013

The OCZ Vertex4 was diagnosed dead by the store/support center as well, but they don’t sell OCZ’s anymore. They offered me a replacement drive instead, and with a small extra payment I bought the Samsung 840 Pro 128GB.

And since I need to reinstall the whole shebang anyway, I bought Windows 8.1 as well.

New disk + Windows 8.1

New disk + Windows 8.1

Dec 292013

Had a lovely -belated- Christmas dinner with my sister and brother-in-law. I fell ill at the end of the first Christmas day, so I had to postpone my dinner that was planned for the 26th. My sister fell ill as well. I was recovered enough today, and she decided she would not be a party-pooper and decided to come visit me. I stripped the starters from the menu at her request, and after all we had a lovely evening.

After cleaning up, I went upstairs to play some games. To my surprise, my PC had two black screens with only a cursor in the top left corner. Okay, let’s reboot. Same result. BIOS setup revealed that everything was seemingly in working order. But…..what’s that, only one harddisk. The normal HDD, not the SSD bootdisk. Unplugged the power, unplugged the normal HDD, boot and……


Meaning the BIOS can’t find ANY boot device while only the SSD is connected. Let’s see what my server thinks of this disk. It’s linux, and it has hot-swap on the SATA ports enabled, so that should be a piece of cake.

And of course it was: to linux the disk was dead as well. On two different ports. After connecting via hot-swap, or after hard reboot.

Meaning: my desktop PC is out of order for now. The SSD has 36 months of warranty, and only 18 have passed. So yes, an OCZ Vertex4 128GB died after only 18 months of (not very intense) use. How fucked up is that?

Dec 252013

Merry Christmas everyone. Hope you have a nice time with your friends and family, whenever possible.

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Dec 152013

I’ve created a page with Maps Marker to show my employers. The address of the main office as a marker. You can hover to see the name of the company, or click on the marker to see the full address and the period I worked there. Click on the My Employers tab on the top of the screen to view it.

For now only the latest three employers, but I will add the rest a.s.a.p.

Dec 062013

If you need to install Python packages on Windows, I suggest you use pip-win. I just used it with Python (vanilla) 3.3 for Windows and it works like a charm.

The first time you browse/select the Python executable it will download and install the environment needed (pip and virtualenv). After successful installation, you can enter your pip-command in the second field. That’s all.