Jan 032015

I never noticed that my index.php when browsing to the domain-root (so www.switchbl8.nl) did not work and gave an error 403.

It took some puzzling and because all other stuff worked I knew it must have been since the transition to fcgid (instead of mod_php). I recalled blogging about it, checked my configs for errors, and found one (no plus signs in the options section).

Now it works. It’s not a special page, but it annoyed me that it didn’t work.

Next puzzle.

Feb 022013

Just changed the server’s Apache model from Prefork to Worker. Should be easier on the memory and the CPU, but after downloading/installing it (via aptitude) nothing worked anymore. PHP works different under the Worker model, so directories need an extra handler and options. No biggie, read this thread.

Jan 022010

A new year, a new WordPress version and a new theme. The upgrade to WordPress 2.9 went without a glitch, and I upgraded to a simpler theme as well. Please tell me if you like it. WPG2 is gone. It keeps nagging me about mod_rewrite, whereas mod_rewrite is active in Apache, but the stupid WPG2-plugin seems to think it’s not, so it disables the plugin in Gallery2 as well, leaving me with a less functional Gallery. That sucks, so WPG2 will not return.

The Ultimate Tag Warrior plugin is not supported in WP 2.3+, so tags are gone for old posts. Unfortunately! Sorry ’bout that.

Jan 022010

I can’t seem to get the Gallery integration to work properly. Either I get lots of 404’s in my Apache’s logfile,or the popup image is bigger than the screen or something else is wrong. I’m not sure what to do, but this sucks. I know, I should upgrade to the latest WordPress, perhaps that helps.