Mar 122013

I’m an oldskool Oracle user, so I learned and used joins in the oldfashioned way. Just name all the tables in the WHERE-clause, and specify the join conditions, and use (+) for outer joins. Times change, and the new syntax has been around for years. Never really used it, but today I did, and I found this image on the internet, I thought I’d share it, since I think it’s quite helpful.


It clearly shows how to use LEFT and RIGHT joins.

Sep 302010

Unexpected news from Oracle: SQL Developer Data Modeler is now a free product. The first editions where free with the sidenote that it was going to be a paid product. The previous release was present in Oracle Global Pricing list and was not cheap. Only the viewer was free. Now Oracle’s website has a note saying that the Datamodeler is a free product: Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler: Pricing FAQ. Unexpected, but welcome news.

Sep 222010

Just found out the beta is no longer beta, PostgreSQL 9.0.0 has reached “release” status. Version 9 has native x64 Windows support, and per-column-triggers. Nice! Read the release notes for more information about the new version.

No info about a new version of PostGIS (yet).

Jun 152010

To reset the sys password of a database, do the following:

1) rename/delete ${ORACLE_HOME}/database/PWD{ORACLE_SID}.ora
2) enter the command: orapwd file=${ORACLE_HOME}/database/PWD{ORACLE_SID}.ora password=newpassword
3) start “sqlplus /nolog”
4) login with sys and the newpassword (SQL> connect sys/newpassword as sysdba)
5) now reset other passwords or just be done