Nov 222012

Wow! Mozilla decided that it will stop all x64 nightly builds of Firefox, as per this discussion. Mainly because of the unstability and the lack of x64 compatible add-ons. What a lame excuse. Get your act together and switch all your resources to x64 builds. WTF?! You can’t buy 32-bits computers for a couple of years now. Basically they are saying: we are giving you a free modern browser, but we develop it on 10 year old hardware???????


Mozilla sucks.


One would think that tomorrow is the first of April. But no. Mozilla really sucks.

Jun 262011

Annoyed by Firefox’s pop-up saying “Download Complete”? Well, I was. It’s not a small window just in Firefox, but it’s an OS (in my case Linux) window, so it blocks everything underneath. Just for 4 seconds (the standard alert time in Firefox), but annoying nonetheless.

So, type ABOUT:CONFIG in the address-bar, and type alert in the search-box. You will see several keys that you can change, but the one that you want is:

Set it to false (by double-clicking) and you’re done.

Apr 112011

So now that the underdeveloped world has installed Firefox 4 for 32-bits Windows, where is the promised x64 version? Yes, there is is nightly trunk version, but where is the release? Why oh why is 32-bit still the main development platform? Early adopters have x64 systems, early adopters are consumers that have the latest hardware (and they don’t mind testing), which by the way has been x64 for the past 7 or 8 years approximately.

WTF! Oh wait, there’s an Android version now. Right. Like I want a slow browser that eats away 40MB just to start on my GSM? Why embrace a new market when you don’t even have the capacity to keep up with the current clientbase?

Jan 172011

I just installed the x64 version of Adobe Flash “Square”. And in Minefield it works. Not perfect (I sometimes see some graphics artifacts), but it works. And that’s nice. After long years of complaining about the x64-support of Adobe (read: the lack thereof) they have finally seen the light. Thumbs up.

Now let’s find all my Firefox-plugins for Minefield.

Update: all-in-one gestures works after you edit the RDF to make the maximum allowed version 4.*.* 🙂

Sep 132010

I just installed (well, unzipped) Minefield (non-branded Firefox) 4.0 beta for Windows x64, and must say: it rocks. Too early to give a definitive verdict, but sofar it looks better and really is x64. Which is nice, considering the memory usage of a typical Firefox session 😉

NoScripts works like a charm with the x64 version, I’ll have to test the rest of the plugins.

Update: Oh my, how could I forget? Adobe still lives in the previous century: there is no x64 Flashplayer…..