May 082020

In these “Stay at home” times (you are staying at home, right?) your old dog SwitchBL8 is trying to learn new tricks. Unreal Engine 4.25 and inevitably Blender 2.82 tricks, that is. There’s a ton of free learning material for these free tools (that’s two occurrences of the word free in one sentence!), but I would like to emphasize the two Youtube channels I’m using the most.

For Unreal Engine I’m currently following the excellent tutorials made by Virtus Learning, voiced by the friendly Luke.

For Blender I’m liking the tutorials from Blender Guru a lot. Andrew, a guy with a great smile, and excellent Blender knowledge, creating tutorial videos that are easy to follow.

Like I did, subscribe to both if you’re new to the tools and need tutorials that are free, good and easy to follow.

Now let’s grab a donut and some coffee, while I set this monkey on fire!

Poor Suzanne!
Nov 122014

In case you missed it, Microsoft created a free version of Visual Studio 2013, named the community edition. You can create free or paid apps (and more), with restrictions when you use this version within a company. No such restrictions for the individual!

Download Visual Studio 2013 Community Edition

Thank you, Microsoft.

BTW I like this checkmark:

Visual Experience options

Visual Experience options

Jul 212012

My mail is now running on the server again, not the Synology. The Synology does a good job, but the spamfilters are not what I like them to be. It marks mail as spam by adding “**SPAM**” to the subject line and listing how much spampoints the message got. Not what I want. I want an unaltered mailmessage in my spambox, or no message at all. I used to have that with Postfix/Postgrey/Amavis/Spamassassin.


I installed iRedMail, basically an installer layer over the standard Linux mailcomponents. Installing is done in about 2 minutes, switching of greylisting took me more time to figure out how…. Thanks people, for such a great product.

Sep 302010

Unexpected news from Oracle: SQL Developer Data Modeler is now a free product. The first editions where free with the sidenote that it was going to be a paid product. The previous release was present in Oracle Global Pricing list and was not cheap. Only the viewer was free. Now Oracle’s website has a note saying that the Datamodeler is a free product: Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler: Pricing FAQ. Unexpected, but welcome news.