Dec 062013

If you need to install Python packages on Windows, I suggest you use pip-win. I just used it with Python (vanilla) 3.3 for Windows and it works like a charm.

The first time you browse/select the Python executable it will download and install the environment needed (pip and virtualenv). After successful installation, you can enter your pip-command in the second field. That’s all.

Nov 302013

As a sidetrack for a work related project, I recently looked at GeoDjango. GeoDjango is the geospatially enabled version of Django, the socalled webframework for perfectionists with deadlines.

Doing the GeoDjango tutorial for the umpth time, Python caught me again. The way the language works, it seems to flawlessly connect with the way I think when I’m programming.

I needed to do some manual upgrading, can’t remember what exactly, but that had to do with the Ubuntu registries not having the latest version or so. Nothing special.

Thinking about two projects to create now. One is an idea I already have for a long time, so maybe it will see daylight some time.