Dec 062013

If you need to install Python packages on Windows, I suggest you use pip-win. I just used it with Python (vanilla) 3.3 for Windows and it works like a charm.

The first time you browse/select the Python executable it will download and install the environment needed (pip and virtualenv). After successful installation, you can enter your pip-command in the second field. That’s all.

Aug 082013

Experimenting with Spotify, throw (Sony), DLNA, uPnP and knowing that my Squeezebox server is something that will obsolete in a while, I found something that might just be right. Of course it does not have the nice hardware like the Squeezebox itself, but I get some stuff in return.

I found Plex. It is a mediaserver that you run on a computer in your home. It indexes your music, your movies, and your pictures. And with the Plex clients, you can browse and even play that content. DLNA browsing is not so surprising, but DLNA by itself does not help if the browser/client does not know how to handle a specific filetype. My phone does not know how to handle a movie in MKV format. It does not recognize my camera’s RAW format. Plex does. And it does it well.

The client app on my phone was not free, it was € 3.71 or something like US$ 5.

When connected to WiFi on my local LAN, I can play content (movies will be the main bottleneck) in any quality, even 20Mbps in 1080p is no problem. But you don’t always have your own WiFi at your disposal, that’s why you can connect your server to myPlex. On the server you enter the myPlex account information, and you enter the same credentials in the Android app. This is how they find each other, much like the Squeezebox has.
Now I can still see everything on my server, and from within the client I can choose the quality I want the data to be streamed to me. If you’re on a tight data-subscription, you can turn the quality down, but when that is of no concern you can turn it up as much as you like (or as much as your provider lets you).

Just tested all this, and tonight in the restaurant I could show a movie in full HD with subtitles. Over just 3G. Don’t worry, it was just a test, we had a lovely dinner with no movies ;-)

Jun 242013

I extended my PC with two old monitors I got from my sister/brother-in-law. An HP1955 and an HP2035, with resolutions up to 1280×1024 and 1600×1200 respectively. Since my main screen is FullHD (1920 x 1080), Eyefinity on the RadeOn 7970 will set the height of all to 1024 when you put them in a group. Giving me a total resolution of 3840×1024. Not the best the card can do, but the best in this setup.

To save me the trouble of constantly setting up the group and gaming, and then switching back to a normal extended desktop (with max resolutions on each monitor), I created two presets in the Catalyst Control center. Easy. Just do your setup, go to Presets (second item in the accordion) and click on Add Preset. Name the preset so you can recognize it. Do another setup and add it too. Now you can switch between the presets by right-clicking on the system tray icon of the Catalyst Control Center and selecting “Invoke preset”. Choose the appropriate preset, and you’re done.

Oct 162012

Last week my PC died. I was working in Windows, went to the living room for some coffee or something else, and when I came back there was an error on the screen telling me that Windows couldn’t not find this and that volume (the D: drive). Not sure why this was, I restarted Windows only to find that it would not boot without checking the faulty volume.

But it took ages to get even some progress, so I restarted again. Same story. I thought: let’s really powerdown by flipping the switch on the backside of the PC. So I did. Flipping it on again blew out the power in the whole room. And the bedroom. A fuse blew! Restoring the power brought everything back to live, except my PC. Dead as a doornail.


Earlier I bought a new powersupply, to no rescure: more was broken. Yesterday I bought a new motherboard, an Intel Core i5-3570 CPU and 16GB of memory to go with that. I installed the whole shebang, only to find that Windows does not like major changes. Windows is autistic. I tried the repair option by booting from the Windows DVD, but that did not help a bit.

So I reinstalling my system now. Great. No dataloss I guess, the data is not on the Windows disk.

Sep 182012

I created an AVD of Android version 4.1 with the Google APIs. I wanted to emulate my Galaxy Nexus, so I gave it the proper memory and resolution. Upon starting the AVD, this error comes up:

Failed to allocate memory: 8

Turns out I cannot use the Nexus screen resolution, and need to switch to a lower resolution to be able to start the AVD. Not sure why, but I thought you might want to know about this workaround.

Jun 182012

On a side note, my desktop PC no longer runs Linux (OpenSuSE). I’ve had it with it. There’s always something that doesn’t work. Or that keeps crashing. Or that suddenly stops working until a reboot. Sound support sucks. After every kernel update I had to do a manual install of the NVidia drivers to get X running. Always waiting for the X64 versions, since the Linux community still thinks we all run 32-bit computers (same on Windows, but at least that let’s me run 32-bit programs without problems).

I bought a new videocard (a Sapphire HD7970 to be exact), bought an SSD (OCZ Vertex4 128GB) and switched to Windows 7. Everything works. Period. And I can now use Adobe software, so I bought Adobe Photoshop Lightroom to finally being able to organize my pictures (lastest count: over 26000) the way I like it (F-spot and Picasa are nice, but not more than that).

Main reason for the videocard was gaming of course. Racing in the first place, FPS as a close second. Bought Deus Ex Human Revolution (FPS-ish) today, more to follow.

Jan 172011

I just installed the x64 version of Adobe Flash “Square”. And in Minefield it works. Not perfect (I sometimes see some graphics artifacts), but it works. And that’s nice. After long years of complaining about the x64-support of Adobe (read: the lack thereof) they have finally seen the light. Thumbs up.

Now let’s find all my Firefox-plugins for Minefield.

Update: all-in-one gestures works after you edit the RDF to make the maximum allowed version 4.*.* :-)