Jul 062012

The Synology has a WordPress module, which works great and it is a recent version (not the latest). But you are bound to having your weblog in the folder “/wordpress”, and my weblog resides in “/blog” for ages now. I couldn’t find how to change it by modifying PHP files, wp_options entries and just renaming the folder. So….


# mkdir blog

# cd blog

# unzip /tmp/wordpress-3.4.1.zip

# mv wordpress/* ./

# rmdir wordpress


And point your browser to the URL “synology-ip-adres/blog” and do the install.


I used the database credentials created by the Synology WordPress module, and vanilla-WordPress then says: Hey, already installed. Via the Admin panel you upgrade your database, and you’re good to go. Now disable the Synology WordPress module.  I haven’t uninstalled it, since I don’t know whether it will actually delete the database too.

Jul 132011

The problem of self-thinking repositories like Ubuntu has (this server runs Ubuntu) is that you cannot always upgrade to the latest version of the software you use, without doing a OS-upgrade. I cannot upgrade WordPress any further because I cannot update PHP to the minimum required version. It’s not in the repositories.

So, I guess this is the point where I have to say: the 32-bit Ubuntu installation running on 64-bit hardware is long overdue its update, mainly because the upgrade means: complete re-installation. You cannot upgrade 32-bit to 64-bit. Perhaps later this week. I’ve got a spare 1TB disk here, now all I have to decide is which distro it’s going to be. Ubuntu again, or perhaps OpenSuSE like my desktop?

Jun 282011

I just changed the URL of the weblog from rare-it.com/blog to switchbl8.nl/blog. Let me know if that leads to any strange behaviour, or just let me know everything works like expected.

Update: I should have written the following: I updated www.rare-it.com/blog to www.switchbl8.nl/blog. The previous blog was not reachable without www, neither is the new location.

Jan 022010

A new year, a new WordPress version and a new theme. The upgrade to WordPress 2.9 went without a glitch, and I upgraded to a simpler theme as well. Please tell me if you like it. WPG2 is gone. It keeps nagging me about mod_rewrite, whereas mod_rewrite is active in Apache, but the stupid WPG2-plugin seems to think it’s not, so it disables the plugin in Gallery2 as well, leaving me with a less functional Gallery. That sucks, so WPG2 will not return.

The Ultimate Tag Warrior plugin is not supported in WP 2.3+, so tags are gone for old posts. Unfortunately! Sorry ’bout that.