My name is Reginald Sprinkhuizen and I live in Rotterdam. In the southern part of it, really close to the Zuiderpark.

My main free-time consumer is gaming. On the PC or on the XBox One. Path of Exile (PC), Diablo 3 (on both), clicker games, and other games that I just like.

My biggest hobby is photography. A lot of people only know me behind a lens, especially when I’m on vacation. My latest was Thailand, indeed with the camera glued to my head. You can see some of my pictures here. In 2005 I switched from using a Fuji S2 Pro digital SLR to a Canon 350D. The S2 is a beautiful camera that delivers outstanding quality pictures, but it has its quirks. And the camera is huge. Compared to the 350D the S2 without the batterypack is larger than the 350D with the batterygrip. So after a long thinking period, I decided to sell all of it (Fuji uses Nikon lenses, and Canon obviously does not) and bought the 350D. I have no regrets about that decision whatsoever. Since May 2009 I have a Canon 40D body. MUCH better than the prosumer 350D (40D is semi-pro).

Another hobby is watching movies in my “home-theater”. It’s not as professional as some people have it, but I do have a FullHD (or HD Ready 1080p as it’s called nowadays) 3D Smart-TV with a 3D BluRay-player. I also have an 3D-capable receiver. It’s a nice add-on, the 3D, but for now I prefer my movies in plain 2D.

…more later…

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