Dec 212014

It’s the time of the year again, all social media sites and apps are overloaded by it. Still gotta decorate my christmas tree, perhaps tomorrow. All the cards are written, that should count for something :-)

No snow in the forecasts, but lots and lots of rain and wind/storm. Ah well, we don’t have real snow here anyway, it’s always wet messy shit that ruins your shoes and car.

Enjoy the season, be with friends and/or your family, and cherish what you have.

Nov 122014

In case you missed it, Microsoft created a free version of Visual Studio 2013, named the community edition. You can create free or paid apps (and more), with restrictions when you use this version within a company. No such restrictions for the individual!

Download Visual Studio 2013 Community Edition

Thank you, Microsoft.

BTW I like this checkmark:

Visual Experience options

Visual Experience options

Nov 092014

I edited /etc/sudoers without visudo, and made a mistake. That will prevent you from successfully using sudo again. No real harm done, but it takes rebooting to get it fixed.

1) reboot in recovery mode (press escape when booting so the grub options are shown)
2) drop to a root shell (option in the recovery menu)
3) mount -o rw,remount /
4) visudo (emacs based editor)
5) reboot the system

You should be up and running again!

Oct 232014

Thank you, Rabobank, for detecting fraud on my creditcard and automatically blocking the card and rejecting the payments. This has saved me at least 500 euro! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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Sep 182014

You can’t use ROW_NUMBER() in an update statement in SQL Server, so:

SET    TheColumn = ROW_NUMBER();

won’t work. But sometimes that’s just what you want. This will do the trick:

UPDATE  Target
SET     TheColumn = RowNum
    FROM    TheTable t
	WHERE    ...
) AS Target;
Aug 222014

Just prolongated my KPN subscription and ordered the Samsung Galaxy S5. Samsung offers a free S-View cover and 32GB memory card until the end of the month, so if any of you (local) S5 owners is interested in the S-View cover, let me know.